Pole Pair Number on a 6kw Flying Rodeo motor

Anyone got an idea what the Pole Pair Number on a 6kw Flying Rodeo motor might be?

If memory serves you are speaking about FR’s early prototype aren’t you ?

If yes then my bet would be 6 or 4 poles so 3 or 2 pair poles because he was using pretty much the same propulsion system as PM did with an Apex gearbox.

Thanks, yes it’s the early version like this

6 probably : 3 pairs , rpm setup would be around 3200 with kv around 375… in memory
Why asking ?

Thanks, the reason is I am trying to set up my ARC200 and need pole pair info. The motor is all enclosed and geared so I can check it manually by looking at the motor rotations. I also checking with Flying Rodeo

Most 40mm are 4 poles I know one with 6
Most 56mm are 6 poles I know none above
You can check with max erpm , in memory around 375 (tp-365?) kv and gear 5:1 (?)

Thanks do you know if what I have looks like a 56 or a 40?

At the time I used a 40mm 6:1 end I maxed out torque at around 3100rpm so I really think with this low kv FR is 56mm , just check your housing diameter , should be just 3-4mm above motor

Thanks that’s really helpful, I’ll check

I have checked and it measures just over 20cm

Seriously :smile: my guess 56mm motor with 5mm housing

Thanks again for your help, FR let me know that it was 6 poles.

Just successfully done the first part of the set up and got it spinning under power :grinning:

Does anyone know if the FR older motors a sensored or sensorless

Definitely sensorless…

Thanks, that’s what I thought.

Have you been getting out on your foil much?