Possability to Display live AMP use on Maytech v2 remote via UART from cheap aliexpress Amp meter?

AMP meter

If I am correct, the Maytech v2 Transmitter remote, can display AMP info when connected to a VESC.
It appears to use UART. I know little about this protocol. BUt im wondering if one of these cheap HALL AMP meters with display, would some how be able to connect to a micro controller and send the info to the remote screen.
Would any of you know if this is possible?

You would need to program an Arduino to communicate with the protocol VESC uses over uart. Starting point: https://github.com/SolidGeek/VescUart/tree/master/src
The question is whether you need it on the display, as I find it hard to read stuff on my (DiY) remote display while moving.
You could use an Arduino with hal sensor, voltage sensor, GPS, temp, a.s.o. and log to micro sd with arduino logger via serial interface. If you log it in the same format as VESC, you could then upload it to GitHub - yoxcu/vdla: VESC Data Log Analyzer to visualize.

Anyone got a file they can share with me so i can see the formats?

Do you want a csv file from the vesc? I can mail one to you if you want. Send me a pm with your mail

Thanks for the file. Seems easy enough.

I’ll build my own logger.

Looks almost the same as my setup!

Great. How did you achieve this?

built a remote and receiver with an RF Nano: https://github.com/emakefun/emakefun-nano-plus/tree/master/RF-Nano, you could just use any arduino, preferably on with more than one HW serial (for logging an gps)
For temp measurement I use one wire temp sensors, arduino Libs: OneWire.h, DallasTemperature.h
Arduino logger is on the hw serial, gps module on sw serial, Libs: GitHub - SlashDevin/NeoGPS: NMEA and ublox GPS parser for Arduino, configurable to use as few as 10 bytes of RAM
GitHub - SlashDevin/NeoSWSerial: Efficient alternative to SoftwareSerial with attachInterrupt for RX chars, simultaneous RX & TX

Used the same hal sensor as yous
Battery level: voltage divider with resitor and pot to bring down 50V to 5V

All values are then sent to the arduino logger, one line per second, in a csv format with “;” as a separator.

Still haven’t found time to clean up the code and put it to github…

for opening the file with vesc tool, do you need a complete table with all the fields?