Possible motor issue?

Trying to figure out what is going on here. I wired everything up and put the board in the water and this is what it started doing today:

It was not doing this last night during my tests. Seems like maybe one phase of the motor isn’t firing? I was holding down the trigger btw! Thoughts?

UPDATE: I let the board dry out and it seems to be working fine again. It’s a sealed motor but any idea how that might happen?

looks like one phase is missing

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I would start by measuring each phase resistance with a ohmmeter when the motor is dry and cold. Make sure to write them down somewhere when you can find them back later. Then, if you ever experience the same issue, measure again the winding resistance and compare them to what you have. This will tell you if you have a problem on the windings / phase and therefore answer your question about a possible problem on one motor phase.
That being said, the motor indeed looks like running without being able to read the back emf properly and knowing when to switch the poles. I had the same problem on a hobby motor when connecting 2 of 3 phase wires.