Post-print propeller processing

I was wondering what is the best treatment to give to a raw PETG printing propeller so that it is the most efficient in water…because normally a propeller must be well balanced?
I found this site for RC boat propeller…
Is this useful for us foils?
So what do you do?
Thank you.

Here are a few images of my impeller that I printed in PVB. It’s MauiMan’s design. You can then smooth it with Isopropyl Alcohol. Basically just put it in a an air tight container with some paper towels soaked in isopropyl for 5-7 hours - no need to touch it at all. They come out almost completely smooth - will have to see how strong it is. This was my first attempt.


Thanks great and you think it works with PETG too?

Have any of you ever tested the XTC 3D
on PETG…? Then on my MTB parts I usually sand with sandpaper and water, paint and apply 2K varnish.

Will not work with PETG. It’s a property of PVB.

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i print at .15 to reduce layer height first.

then i scrape the blades with a sharp edge of ruler or knife to sought of scrape of the high points.

then when im left with a relatively flat surface i put on rubber gloves and apply ultra thin ZAP super glue and this penetrates the individual layers and fills in the layer gaps. i then just massage it in with my fingers and when its all set i sand it back with wet and dry.

only done this once and it came out VERY smooth and stiffer with the glue.