Potential BMS for charge and discharge

Hello fellow builders,

As I am currently planning to make my own battery pack, I searched for a BMS that I could use for charging and discharging. I know a lot of you are only using a BMS to charge or even simply using a balance charger to charge.

However, in order to protect my investment, I figured it would be safer to have a BMS on at all times to prevent potential damage to the cells. Therefore, I wanted to see if there is a BMS available for our application. After talking to @foiledagain, he mentioned that he is currently using this BMS: D482 for 44.4V 12S Li-ion/Li-Polymer Battery Packs (120A Charge,120A Discharge) - LiTech Power Co.,Ltd . However, he only uses it for charging so I was wondering if any of you know if it could work for discharging too (rated 120a). I also find this one: 44V 48V 50.4V 12S 150A Lthium ion Li-ion LiPo Li-Polymer Battery BMS PCB System 714819378754 | eBay . This one is rated 150a, but I do not know if this is accurate.

Anyway, if you know a little bit about BMS or have personal experience with BMS and battery pack, please feel free to leave your 10cents in the comment. I’m open to suggestion about the whole BMS dilemma so let me know what you did with your battery pack!

Dimension : 200mm * 110mm * 20mm (LWT)
it’s too big
there are smaller ones, at the height of the batteries

Do you have a link for yours? I was just reading about your battery pack! I would be interested in a smaller one!!

my Chinese ,a friend order me the bms
i do not have a link to the specific product
this is similar
150A BMS
you just have to ask them and they’ll prepare for you according to what you ask for

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Thanks for the link! This looks like a good option and the price is reasonable! I saw on your post that you use a 10A charger. Do you have the link for it? I am also planning on getting a 10A charger for my pack.



Thanks for the link! I really appreciate it. Lastly, I noticed they have different amperage set up. My battery pack will be rated with 210amp max continuous discharge (14p @15a per cell). I doubt I will ever get close to half of that but should I get a higher amp BMS like the 200a or 300a? Or does the 150a also acts as current limiting for the esc and motor?

yes the 150a also acts as current limiting for the esc .
and you also do not need a circuit breaker , it cuts off a current in the load

Alright so I shouldn’t go with the 200a or 300a version correct? I want to order soon and I just want to make sure I’m getting the right one! My ESC is rated 400a (flier 400a 22s). Do I need this current limiting?

i have the same ESC and 150A BMS works great
you do not need more than 150
you should not reach the end of battery discharge capacity
to protect the battery

Alright sounds great! Lastly, does it get hot after a long ride? What do you do to manage that?

the battery does not heat up
the BMS gets a bit warm but no problem
i only cool the ESC

Hi, checkout on www.alienpowersystem.com

I’m considering this one for my 13s prismatic li-ion batterypack.


Make sure this power supply does not have so called hiccup mode when it comes to overload/overcurrent. You need a power supply with constant current limitation in case of overcurrent.

Make sure you find something like this in the specification:

I have very good experience charging with top charge bleed BMS in combination with meanwell powersupply, i have used one for 10 years without fail built into a small electric car, undergoing a lot of mechanical and thermal stress.

the ±3% is not an output tolerance, but an adjustable value(by means of a regulating knob).

I see it does have an Over-Voltage, Over-current protection… Not sure If I understand your ’ Hickup mode’.

My BMS (https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/8-S-tot-24-S-100A-2018-nieuwe-DIY-Lifepo4-ion-smart-bms-pcm-met-android/32842440673.html) seems to have all the nessesary overcurrent/voltage protection needed right?


For lipo/liion charging you need a CC (and best would be CC and CV) charger/power supply. Yours is CV only. Constant Voltage output it says in the description. So what will happen: battery has e.g. 46V and power supply tries to hold 55V, so huge current will flow, overcurrent will hopefully be tripped and everything will cool down and will trip again after restart of the power supply.
So you either need a CC/CV DC-DC module in between or just get a CC/CV charger.

sorry for the edits, but some parts did not make sense.