Power losses / riding time

I am using the MTI65162 100kv motor and 300 ampESC from Maytech, can anyone tell me if i use a 12s 12p pack with cells giving a real 3100 mAh on average what sort of losses are there in the ESC and motor ?
I am 72 KGS and wonder ballpark how long riding time i will get?
sorry I am sure its been covered already but i cant find it .

3100mah on average at what discharge rate ? 1Ah…8Ah?

Average good cells will probably give ou 2600mah at the rate with use Efoil for around 18-22km/h ( what I notice )
So 3,6v x 2,6 x 12 x12 = 1350wh

Missing board weight , wing type , skills …

I would say looses : 20%

Riding time a good 40min average , let us know :wink:

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