Power Supply Recommendations?

Looking to potentially use an iCharger X8 to balance charge some packs (likely 8S) that I am working on building. And was curios what some of you guys use for power supplies? But also curious what kind of power supplies people are using for other charging strategies.

Seems like there’s a few different ways to go about it. Tough to find a 36VDC 30A supply somewhere, but could modify an existing one for similar output. I have also heard of others rigging HP server supplies for the right voltage for e-bike charging. Do I mod an off the shelf supply or maybe you guys know of some 1000W to 15000W PS that the rest of us don’t?

Also big thanks to @Flightjunkie for the awesome build threads you’ve done on your packs. A lot to learn from there.


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See here: HP DPS-1200FB Power Supply Hack for charging LiPos (12 V / 24 V)
For 8S you could also put 3 in series. I use 2 HP 1200FB connected in series for quite some time, works really well. You could use basically any 12V server PSU if you manage to sepaerate GND from earth (the case).

Thanks for linking that other article. Some good info there, a well written guide.
I’m hesitant to put 3 server supplies in series, but might just have to.

Two in series for 24 volts is more than enough in my opinion.


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I’ve been charging Lipo’s using variable current/voltage power supplies for 10+ years. At first we were modifying Meanwell supplies with the ole R33 Mod over at endless-sphere. Now a days I just buy one from aliexpress that has an LCD built into the front to display volts and amps. I set my charge current and I set my max pack voltage. Usually 0.1V or so below ever cells full charge. So the entire pack is less 0.1Vx12S if you have a 12s pack. Aka 1.2V less then the usual 50.4V for Li-Po. The supply will charge up at the set current level up to the set voltage and then taper off the current until 0A. Easy and you can buy them up to 3000W. I own a 1500W since most plugs here are only rated 15A. I usually set the charge current to less then the rated to keep temperatures down. But you can get a 1C rate on your pack depending on the size. Charge in an hour! I charge my 28ah pack at 1C.

Example below. Not the one I own.



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Okay, good to know. Thanks for including the link to the other discussion as well, the pics are helpful. Nice little acrylic box for the final assembly, it’s clean.

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Thanks for sharing your experience and including the link. Would be convenient to have just one power supply. And I could turn the voltage down a little bit and use it to charge some of my drone batteries as well.

So you can just set the charge current to whatever value you want as well? Assuming it’s within the W range.

My power supply that I used for the last 2 years was only 15VDC at 240 watts. It would pretty much take all day to charge my two 7S12P 18650 30Q batteries.
E-bay has dirt cheep high quality used server power supplies.

I put 3 of them is series. (Note: You have to float 2 of them or they will short out)
So now I have 36VDC 1380 WATT supply.

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Wow those are some nicely priced supplies. Might have to dig through ebay some more. Thanks for sharing.