Power to take off

Hello to everybody, this is my first post, I’m working on my first prototype, I think that I have a general idea of all around project, but I have some questions:

“What’s the minimum power to take off?” 80kg of person

Is it enough 4/4.5Kw or the motor need to be nearby 6kw?

I really appreciate any suggestion, information, link to read or to study or video…


This is the smallest motor that would work :

Take in account , power , pic power and rpm , and torque

Also board size and wing size …

Too many factor , just look at the builds section you will have your answer
For motor : 6374 , 6384… , 80100 , 65141/2…

Im working on a simalr project and would like to connect @emaposh @Alexandre . Im trying to make a bolt on efoil kit for any standard foil board.

Thanks Alexandre, I know that there are too many factors, but you answered me anyway, because you told me that the 3.5kw motor could also works.

It depends on how well planing board you have and what width at the back. If you have a fairly wide back end at 70cm you will be able to start with 3kw with your weight. A narrow board, then you should dimension for 4kw.

I have a rather narrow board of ~50cm wide and a weight of around 90kg (all up incl. board ~120kg)
maximum Power needed for Takeoff is 2,8kW (60A @47V), often lower around 2kW.
In my experience, the most important factors are the shape of the board (needs to get on plane quickly) the wing used (I use a Gong Curve Pro LT, 1450cm²) and the Prop which needs to fit the motor used.

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Believe the closer we are to the take off speed the more impact has the lift of the wing and less of the hull. Stearn always need to be sharp to let the water off easily though. A narrow hull, without a wing, would struggle to plane even at high speed. But as the wing( especially a large one) creates the main share of the lift in such case, even a narrow hull can lift at low speed /power requirements?

Since some weeks I am riding my small Mala Inflatable with an Gong Veloce M Wing.
Akku is 14s14p and the Motor is an 65162 with the 7” FR propeller.

First I was not able to start with that setup.
I switched now to maximum 120A Batt and 165A motor Current.
In my last logs I see that I need around 90-100A Bat and around 160A Motor Current.

After that high Ampere usage, I need around 65-85A motor Current, depending how fast I am.