Powering a foilboard for low speed before using a wingfoil with the board

I’d like some feedback on creating an efoil to aid takeoff to be used while wingfoiling. My idea is to put together an efoil capable of pushing the foilboard up to say 6 to 8 mph and then use the wing to get up on the foil. I envision a small battery pack able to attain the 6 to 8 mph in short spurts, say about 10 seconds. When the board is up to speed, I would use the wing to keep the board up on foil.

I think you get the general idea. Please give me some input regarding the power of the motor, size of the battery and esc required.

Thanks, Don

Great Idea :+1: To get some „help“ for the start. And furthermore when wind is on the borderline to add some „electrical“ power so that the board keeps flying.

But I fear that the additional friction and weight (even it the battery is small) will reduce the lowwind properties (and thats the interesting operation area of the idea). So that at the end a good pumping techniche is probably more efficient?

I’d say something like the boost surfing fin would work well. Everything in a small forward fin mounted with future or fcs fins. You can take it off whenever. Wouldn’t wouldn’t need a lot of power so stay with 6s. Go for a smaller high rpm outrunner. And a very small prop. It just needs to move a bit to build apparent wind. I’ve thought a lot about this for a sup foil.

@michion built one of these I believe, but haven’t seen him post in a while. He miiiight be recovering from having his money bag sewn back on.

Just working on a more suitable board ATM.

This is a 118L board from PPC. Should be able to SUP/ Downwind this one. Planning to run a 7s8p Li-ion pack. May need two yet. They are about 3 kilo each so not sure of weight yet.
I’ll just run a Vesc6+ with passive cooling to an aluminium plate on the lid. Had the motor made a while ago.