Practice surfing

Finally I could able stand up and flying on my board. Here is another video. Happy Sunday to all. :grin:


might be easier to fly if your left foot is closer to the centerline (maybe right foot too, can’t see that as well). I can see that whenever you shift your weight forward it also rolls left and vice-versa. Very difficult to balance with roll/pitch coupling like this.

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I can see that you put your weight to centerline in your picture. Thanks you for advice, I agree that is difficult to balance, it just like playing seesaw or rocking chair :grin: I will put my feet on centerline next time

What helped me ( with my set up ) was doing it faster and harder : like a rear kick push to get the board up and then little but hard front push with my feet to get it flat , then use my body to find the balance
This come with practice but especially less fear instead of trying slowly to get the board up and stabilized at the same time
If that makes sense …

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I appreciate you! It help me a lot. Weather is getting colder in AZ now, but compare to somewhere else that has snow it still able to surf here with wetsuit through winter. Thanks @Alexandre

Your front foot is way too straight and as a result you have no balance off the front foot. Turn it about 45 degrees and you should have a huge increase in both balance and control.

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correct, 45° in front , rear looks ok, and offset your feet from the center line of the board (took me some times to figure that…) , if i am right: rear more on your right (80-90°angle) , front on the your left (45° angle )

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Thanks for tips. Is someone who doing Efoil living in AZ too? I would like we can meet up and foiling sometime together.