Preferred Gong Wing set for E-foil?

I am starting a second build and am looking for feedback on Gong wingset choice? I am aiming for the Allvator V2 95cm mast…

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I really like my curve LT front wing with curve pro stab, it lifts easily and carves beautifully.

Today i would probably buy the MT wing since i’ve realised i don’t need the LT to get enough lift.

I tried curve LT, very good to start.
I’m now on veloce L, perfect frontwing for efoiling (very efficient, good glide), for 70kg ,I can foil with 900W power at 19 km/h

How do you find it in carving, is it equal to the curve wing, how big is the difference?

almost no difference in carving, and glide better, so global feeling better

Thanks, great info! I’ll be looking at this for next build.

Veloce wing to ride at 19Km/h :thinking:

Rider plus board weight will probably come out around 95kg or 215 lb. I am leaning Veloce. Would you go LT, XL, or L?

It is in fact the minimum to fly, I find it is a good information about the efficiency of the wing, but you are right, the purpose of using a Veloce is to go faster than 20km/h :wink:

I use Fluid XLS for 35kmh

Yes Veloce L is no problem to fly at 19km/h… however I doubt 900W is possible on that… What motor do you use and how do you measure the 900W ?

My weight 68kg, motor flipsky 65161, fliteboard propeller.
I’m often below 1000W riding my efoil (displayed on my VX3 remote, I don’t know if it’s accurate)

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I use Gong Rise L, Gong Curve LT, Gong Curve MT, Gong Veloce LT all with the Curve pro stab.
All work just fine, Veloce is most efficient, Gong Curve MT is most fun when going fast (from 30km/h up) but least efficient when not. Veloce is the least stable but also lots of fun.
Personally I like the Curve LT best: Perfect for carving and medium speeds up to ~35km/h - and efficient as well:
Veloce LT typically below 60Wh/km ; Curve LT slightly above 60Wh/km; Rise L and Curve MT around 70-74Wh/km all @25kmh. I am 90kg with a 30kg board. All values with a 3-blade Hyperdrive Prop.


I just tried a veloce 43cm stab with my curve LT wing, like it a lot, even better than my 43 curve pro stab which in comparison had a feeling of too locked in rear somehow.

The veloce stab makes the turns feel more natural flowing to me.


today I changed from x-over xl to fluid xls:

speed is quite similar, take off speed a bit higher
but it feels more, well, fluid

still using the x-over stab though as the ordered curve and fluid stab still have to arrive, but it’s already a nice setup

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As I have used the fluid xls now for 10 sessions (still with the x-over stab as the oder stabs are delayed) I have some more impressions (no logs, just looking at my Garmin watch):

take off ca. 12-13 km/h
slow cruising ca. 19 km/h
cruising ca. 25 km/h
fast crusing ca. 29 km/h
top speed so far 33.3 km/h

I get about 16 km with one charge down to 36 V (12s6p Molicel P42T)
Best efficiency was with small (0.5m) but powerful waves and no wind: 13.4 km using 17.1 Ah

today I swapped the x-over 46 stab with the curve 43 stab (always with the fluid XLS front)

the difference from x-over XL front wing to the fluid XLS was small in comparison. I had a really hard time for the first 30 min (very choppy today on lake garda). Not only roll is much more unstable (curve is his name), also pitch control is more demanding. Lift is reduced (I had to move the front foot back by ca. 10 min) but its easier to get on foil, can’t explain that.

I will get a few more sessions with this setup before trying the fluid stab…

Hello, I am looking at the the Gong setups and strongly considering the allvator curve LT but on the Gong website I am seeing both a: WING version and a SURF version. Is there any other difference than the mast length?? I am not seeing a difference or I am missing something. The Wing version is listed as out of stock currently but I want the longer mast. I have a 29 inch or 75mm mast.