Presence detection

Y’all, getting close to completing my jetboard. The current plan is to have a leg rope connected to a spring loaded pin and proximity switch to detect if the board is trying to drag me through the water by my leg and cut power (Maytech remote that I don’t trust).

I thought I may be able to achieve the same with an active RFID tag and receiver that senses when I am on the board.


Might sound flippant but why not choose a brand of remote you do trust? Being in the water with a rig that you know is unpredictable sounds kinda scary to me😀

I agree with foilguy. I was very suspect of this new tech using flipsky vx3 and 75200 but not one time has it done a weird one. Totally trust it after 150 sessions. Setting another board with a new set of same hardware hope its as stable. I never did any firmware upgrades just left as it came just tweaked my current setting etc.

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good to know. Did you do any additional waterproofing?

I’m driving up to the Sunshine Coast over Easter for some Boogie Demos.

I have a spare proximity sensor that I could drop off, if you wanted. Easy to wire into the G300 Vesc and can be used as a kill switch.

However I don’t think a proximity switch/ kill switch is needed with a jet board.

Hello, thanks for teh offer. What sort of prox sensor is it?

Nothing additional but it never gets water on it in my fliteboard.

One of these ones.

Wired directly into the VESC. A pice of metal turns it on and off. I was experimenting with magnets to hold it in place. Worked well as a kill switch.

Ahhh… I actuallyu have a prox switch built in on the leg rope so that if you come off and the motors don’t kill it pull a spring loaded pin away from teh prox switch and kills teh ESC enable. I was hoping to get away from moving parts. I love your thoughts, but this would require finding the plate and re-seating it which could take too long in dangerous surf. I’m sort of building an electric rescue board.