Price estimate for building an efoil

I have been lurking on and off this site for a while, and I have a question that I couldn’t seem to find an answer for:
What is a reasonable price estimate for an efoil board that could reach speeds of about 20 knots for a 85kg. male?

I understand that this varies a lot, but I’m curious of an estimate for low-end parts that would fulfill the requests listed above.

Better have at least $4-5K handy and skills in 3d printing, battery welding, fiberglassing, soldering, CAD design, and a lot of time. But in the end you could have something pretty rad! Of course if you sub out some stuff like buying a battery pack instead, you don’t have to battery weld but you’ll spend more money.

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Mast and wings $600
Motor $350
VESC $300
Controller $200
Misc connectors $50
3d printed parts $5 or $205 (if you have to buy printer)
Battery $600
Board. ??? $2k to buy but almost nothing if you have something to modify.

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Thanks a lot for the good answers!

I’d say realistically from $2k up to about $3.5k depending on the components you use and how dirty you want to get your hands.
You could always do a sub $1k build with very average components and performance if you want to…


Check this eFoil build Document - #4 by SoEFoil

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