Problem upgrade and motor - Flipsky motor 65161/120kv & FSESC 200a 60v

I have Flipsky motor 65161/120kv & FSESC 200a 60v
When I accelerate the motor makes noise but does not turn

is there a meaning to respect for the connection of the motor?

And I did upgraded my vesc with Vesc tools but now , I can’t connect my vesc, I have the error message : serial port error : denied access

Have you a solution ?


I have same setup as you without problems! First you should see if all the cables from unit are conencted to that divider case (the one where micro USB is)! Mybe you unpluged the 3 wire cable that goes above the micro connector! And about the motor not turning I think you should try diffrent modes in motor settings!

Hope you fix your issue, good luck