Problem with 70141 inrunner

Hi guys

Was wondering if someone else had problems with the 70141 inrunners.
I have few of those as I didn’t trust the water proof level of the shaft seal i opened them and added mineral oil for some and forklift for the others.
Just in case so the oil will rapels the water from going inside the motor.
My problem is that after few months of use the magnets on the rotor started getting loose and the motors got stuck.
Any idea if the oil interacts with the glue and that is why there is a motor failure?
Any others members here with this model motors or other models that had the same issues?

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Which Motor was that exactly? Do you a vesc on them? I am asking cuz I have also issue with it, but maybe different from yours

This is the red freerchobby
They sell it under few names
But 70141 is the model

You’ll probably find the magnets were poorly bonded to start with. Heat would play a bigger factor in loosening the magnets as heat melts epoxy.
The 65161 motors are far better than the 70141.

Yes the magnets are definitely poorly glued
Do you think its the oil I pure inside had something to do with it or only heat?
Regarding flipsky 65161
Most probably true and cost double:)
Also because they are smaller i was thinking they didn’t had enough torque for my application. :).

A question please
First i tried to glue the magnets back with epoxy. But its very hard to align them perfectly. And if its not perfectly aligned the rotor grind against the stator.
Any tip technique how to glue and align the magnets:)?

Also what model is better
Flipsky 65161

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Start with glueing all north magnets or all south magnets. Spacing is solved either with just any spacers that fit the magnet gaps perfectly - or get some drawn up and 3d-printed (this is what i’d do).

Spacers will need to be plastic or treated with release film so you can get them out afterwards.

It’s much easier to get a good result once the first set of magnets are in. Depending on the spacing you can use multiple plastic sheet, business cards etc since the gaps are smaller.

Yes I have had the same problem.
The rotor is bloked because the covering of rotor magnet(kevlar?) is destroied but i have not used the motor at more of 600 W.
then I think that the quality of thi motor is very poor.
I have asked if is possible have a rotor for replacment but not possible.
I shall try a different motor for my DIT seabob : Flipsky 65161.
Do know someone quality of this flipsky motor?

The flipsky 65161 was a good motor when the manufacturer hobiba made it, susprisingly well done copper winding, now they switched manufacturer so it could be both OK and worse, i don’t think the new motor has been time tested enough for us to know.