Problem with Maytech MTO 6384-WPC

Today, after 10 minutes of riding, a completely new Maytech MTO 6384-WPC motor seized. Apparently, the magnets came off. I’m very angry - this is not the cheapest motor on the market.

Not the cheapest, but indeed the weakest…

I remember your dislike for the 6374. But this is the new 6384.

Avoid this. I bought three motors (

Ya but maytech just don’t listen! I’ve told them before how to seal the motor up properly but they think they know better…

Could you please share your idea to seal the motor up. I have a 6384 ready to go into a new build. Im hoping to do the sealing before using.
Cheers for your help

This doesn’t really have to do with the sealing though, too little, uneven adhesive, maybe even cured incorrectly or poor surface prep.

That motor should be warranteed by maytech.
I’ll post some pics of what ive done to my motors when I get a chance today

I coated the stator of my saite 63100 with a thin layer of epoxy. For the rotor I used thikened epoxy and glass ballons to fill the slots. Pictures are from the 2nd maintence of my motor after around 800kms.


My attempts at waterproofing looked something like this: heat shrink tubing on the shaft, an electric screwdriver…)


Received a pair of 8384 from Saite today. The ceramic bearings are a little confusing, but I hope the magnets are glued well.

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Inside my Saite 63100:


Good pic, it’s not really perfectly done, is it?

In the picture it doesn’t look perfect in the rotor.
But in real life it’s really well done. I’m very satisfied.

Between 60$ 6384 150kv from ali and the saite with factory potting at 170$. I went for the first option for my assist. Was this 100 bucks saved or wasted is what I’m wondering now…

The Saite motors have slightly longer stators and thus more torque. But if you don’t need the extra torque then the saving is probably worth it.

Trying to glue magnets…

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This is how the Chinese guarantee works.
My ESC Makerbase burns out during a test run without load. I am writing to support and explain the situation. The girl replies that I have an overcurrent. I’m asking how there can be overcurrent at the default settings when running without load for three seconds. Answer - I don’t understand this, I asked the engineers and they say it’s an overcurrent.
Now Maytech support says my propeller is too big. I send a drawing of my propeller and they reply that yes, I have a large propeller and I should have used their propeller. At the same time, their propeller is 18 cm, and I have 15. I don’t even know what to answer, this is some kind of prohibitive level of idiocy.


Will you try to fight it? Overcurrent is impossible with no load (as we all know).

Did you use paypal? They have helped me with chinese parts on several occasions

Unfortunately, I did not use PayPal, otherwise I would have returned the money.