Problem with Maytech MTSKR1905WF V2.0

I recently purchased a Maytech MTSKR1905WF V2.0 remote. I connected it to my Hobbyking ESC with no success. Pairing between remote and the receiver was OK and the received power up OK. After checking the output PWM signal it was 100Hz and 3.2V: see image oscilloscope below

In the manual its specified that the PWM signal should be: “Throttle signal output: 1-2ms 50Hz PWM 5V Max”

Any one else who has problems?

Update 2020-04-21:

Found the problem: My ESC is from HobbyKing - TURNIGY K-Force 120A-HV OPTO V2. The HobbyKing seems to use a propitiatory PWM frequency of 61.3Hz. The HobbyKing ESC is not accepting anything else except HobbyKing hardware. Stay away from HobbyKing!

Maybe you could build a „Translater“ with an Arduino in between the receiver and the esc.