Problem with vesc controllers

Hi guys
Need your advice with my plpsky controllers.cant pull more than 20 amp out of both.

So i purchased 2 plpsky type controllers
The. 200amp vesc FSESC75200 75V watercooled
And the Flpsky vesc 75100 75V 100A

Cant get more than 20 amp continuance out of the battery. I tried to make sure to cancel all the restrictions and still wasn’t able to go past 20 amp.
Any one has experience this problem.
I am hearing people talking about this brand has serious false amp rating.
This been purchased 2 months ago so i hope the resistors issues been solved by now
My question has some one can give me advice why i am experiencing that and how to solve this.
My outrunner is 12090 8kv continuance 15kv peak

When you test is there any load on the motor? If it just free spins in air amps wont be high

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Hi yes i understand that
But we use in the air 7 amp and in the water 20 amp.
So it makes me start rethinking the problem.
As the rotation speed of the motor seems to be the same.
So for me its one of two or rpm limit or throttle calibration.
Regarding the rpm limits
Erpm i hear its motor poles x max rpm.
As jet pump rmp not recommended to go faster than 9000 x20 poles in the 12090 outrunner.we put 180,000 ermp.

Regarding the throttle
We measured 0.7v in resting position and 2.7v in full throttle.
So that’s are the minimum and maximum we typed in the controller.

Any ideas what we can do better:)?

Thanks in advance:)
One last things
In both 100 and 200 amp vesc controllers.
Even when I turn the motor with the arrows on the keyboard not using the throttle.
Still max rotation speed feels the same low speed turning aprox 1500 rpm

Hello we need more spec about your’s vesc ,voltage max amp bat max amp motor is it for efoiling? So, for the second esc i use the same for my ebike and sorry but the wire is 12 awg and it’s not enought for efoil amp…and there is just 6 mosfet and 3 capacitor…
If you can show us some screens shot about the vesc app it’s better🤙

Can see that in the vesc tool i get 18% max power
When i push my throttle to the max speed.
I can use the keyboard of the vesc tool to increase to rpm to higher speed.
But can’t do it through the throttle.
So wired it seems like my throttle and available speed is restricted to 18% and i don’t know how to change that:).
My motor is 12090 130kv 15,000 w outrigger that replacing my 10850 130 kv 8000w

I have the same problem. I can’t get more than 25 A out of the flipsky vesc.

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Wanted to attached short videos but system not allow.
So to describe the situation.
I can see that max 18% in full throttle or even if using the arrow on the keyboard .
From the bottom left Next to the 18%gage.
There is a button allow me to increase the rpm.
So it looks to me like a safety limiter
The problem is it get back to 18% every time i restart

The flipsky 60 A Vesc, does not put out more than 26-28 A. I had 3 of them. They are now in the land fill.
Buy cheap, buy twice. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I share your pain. Purchased a Castle creations HV controller. Works perfectly.