Problems with concepts

I have the next system:

  1. motor Maytech MTI65162, 120KV. 8900W
  2. ESC Kedean 200A (continuous discharge current), 560A (peak current)
  3. Battery Samsung30Q 13S12P BMS???. This is my problem!

I see on forum the current of work when riding is about 100A max continuos current. Motor ask me 100A. So I choose minimum ESC 150A and BMS 150A.

When I ask for a battery to a battery builder. He said 150A is too little for BMS, because he watch on motor specification 8900W/48V=185A and peak 300A. He recommend to me BMS 300A or BMS 400A.

Should I take this BMS 300 or 400A. Or never in the life my motor can reach 8900W? This motor never ask me 185A continuous and 300A peak right? What BMS should i take for my system?

Thanks for your thoughts.