Profile for large DIY wing

I’m just wondering if anyone has played around with making one of these super large wings (like Fone Gravity 2200, Gong XXL, etc.). My previous wing build was a 633 inspired design that I believe someone from here put on Thingiverse. It has been working great under various power sources. 3D printed core/carbon skins. But I didn’t design it or find the profile (h105 in that case). So I’m curious what kind of profiles people would recommend or have been using for giant wings like this.

I also have a combo efoil and light wind kitefoil agenda at play here :wink:

Just a bump with my design tests so far. I’ve started to design/copy a really large 2200cm2-ish wing. Along the lines of some others out there and I’m getting close to something that at least looks right in comparison. Not that this image tells much yet. Using a standard H105 profile doesn’t scale up to be quite the same as others (which appear a bit thicker), and I’ve clipped the tips for now. Any thoughts from anyone that has built one of these giant wings on things to keep an eye on? I’m going be following my previous manufacturing process of printed core, hand tweaking tip shape if necessary, and CF vacuum laminate. Going to finish the design soon (with all the internal bits, splits, etc.), but am going to go slower on this build in case I discover or hear something that points me in a different direction.

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