Program your ESC Hobbywing seaking

I have a little problem with my ESC HOBBYWING SEAKING 130A, when I cut my transmitter my engine starts to run, can we program it so that the ESC cuts the engine in case of loss of signal from the transmitter?

This might help

Hey. I had the same problem in the beginning. The problem was That the receiver was damaged.
Do you have another one to give it a try?


thanks for your advice, it was a gas calibration problem, because the TRIM had moved.

Lucky you but could you explain more precisely how you solved this issue ? Thanks.

thanks to “Rogjalon” for the manual link “SEAKING”

Throttle Range Calibration

If you are using a pistol transmitter:

a) Pull the throttle trigger to the top forward position (/full throttle), connect the ESC to the battery pack, then turn the switch on; 2 seconds later, a row of “Beep- Beep-” can be heard, that means the full throttle position has been confirmed. b) Release the throttle trigger to the neutral position, a steady and long “Beep—” can be heard, that means the neutral position has been confirmed.

Note: When the motor emits “Beep” tone(s), the red LED in the ESC flashes at the same time.

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Roger (@rogjalon) shared this video when I was struggling with throttle calib.

Clarifies failsafe, etc. Found it very useful

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