Project One Set Up

Hi to everybody This is my first message to asking Help for my first setup for my Efoil.

Gearbox 5:1


Not water cooled

Esc 2:
No BEC, seperate BEC required. And I need your help about

Esc3 cooled my favorite for keep low temperature:

No BEC, seperate BEC required. And I need your help about




x2 connected in parallelo so I can have 8000mah

I need a remote control recevier and I didn t find nothingā€¦any idea?

What do you think about?

I I love Power but I know with low kv it is not good.
More power need a lot of ampereā€¦and it became heavy but in the water we lose 35% of our weight, right?

I appreciate every suggest.


first advice: donā€™t try to stick with hobbyking onlyā€¦ :slight_smile:
They wonā€™t have everything you need anyway, or youā€™ll have to compromise and/or pay more for the same thing.
their customer service is pretty bad when thing starts to go wrongā€¦

for ESC and motor, is where a lot of us went.


Thks Mat but for me it easy to make the first set up in easy mood :wink:

I looked here some 3d and I study some case on youtube.

I ll see your new link.

Check for 8AWG cable on ESC, moreover if you go direct drive, with no gearbox. Chinese ESC Amperes, same goes for max discharge rate or C on batteries, should be divided by two at least! 80A is a good max value for a geared rig, not sure if a jet or direct drive could do the same performanceā€¦ Better stay safe and by big ESS spending money one time only!

Thks a lot.
I have to work hard to fix somethings and to definite the right amperaggio for ride the waves (not for 6/8 minutes)
I need a lot of test and it will be interesting to know new things day by day.
Thks to VeFoil to show me in 10 parts on Youtube how to start and other guys!
I ll reply soon

Hi, I have a question about Batteries: which is your bridge, parallel o series?

With Series I know, you improve volts and keeping at the same value the ampere;
With Parallel is the perfect opposite.

I try to understad this point bc if I l choose the engine above showed, I donā€™t want burn it!!

Thks for helpingā€¦

ESC with/without BEC: I donā€™t understand 5v or more. Why I have to definite this volt?

What do you prefer about Esc; within o without BEC? Can you tell me because?

I read that some had have some trouble with escā€¦burned inside the tankā€¦maybe to hi the temperatureā€¦no fresh air inside but I read, Esc was water cooledā€¦to keep down the temperature.

I m thinking to separate and work with more tanks, one for esc, one for bec, one for Receiver and one for batteriesā€¦more are heavy but not so much but more safety!! So something burn, burn aloneā€¦
ā€¦sound good?

Anyway i have to keep low the temperature and I m thinking little differentā€¦we have to change the heart of the foilā€¦ :wink:

Do you know how many degree the work on?

Engine: before to buy, I can understand how many volts? I saw a lot of pageā€¦internet page but if you arenā€™t of this system, it is really hard to get the right data.

Somebody write fake news and I have to check it a lot around, missing time!!

Usually 44V (12s = 2x 6s in series) and 20A or more (if needed, 2 or more battery group in parallel). I have 2+2 16A batteries in parallel. Bec, 5V for receiver, but there are dual voltage BEC also, HobbyKing has one, 12V and 5V good for diaphragm pump for cooling and receiver. More boxes means more sealing problems, usually esc separate from battery but, read the forum

thks Mab, i m reading so much.

Why do you a double set up for batteries?

44v = 22.2 x 2 batt :wink: and 20A = 2.000 mAh, right?
this is for engine, i think.

2+2 in parallel for? can I know? Always for engine?

OK BEC for Receiver, thks a lot.

OK BEC for PUMP. I have to look yet.

More boxes, I ll see and I ll keep care this info!

Keep in touch

ENGINE: look this!! it has reduction inside 6,7:1 - price 200 euro from this supplier

Caratteristiche Tecniche:
Peso g 250
Dimensioni Ƙ 41,8x69,4 mm
Giri x Volt 238 (prima del riduttore)
Assorbimento 70 A
N. celle Lipo 6
Eliche da 20x13 a 23x13
Diam. albero Ƙ 6 mm
Peso modello raccomandato vedi descrizione
Potenza max 1500W (per 15 secondi)
Variatore (ESC) 70A per brushless
Motore -
Utilizzo -
Riduttore 6,7:1
Istruzioni -
n.spire -


Now I ll check 8awb @MaBā€¦i have time today to seek more!!

Hi MaB, do you mean this :

engine number 4 for plane

Good for big toys 7> weight> 22 kg

I will follow these Steps:

  1. engine
  2. esc> 20-30% amp of the motor/engine with BEC
  3. battery
  4. receiver
  5. test (burn or not to burn)
  6. develop a new form for the cooling system. This is really hard for me, but Iā€™m trying to draw something ā€¦

The realy trouble of e-Foil is the Temperature. Everything is closed for keeping out the waterā€¦Butā€¦become hot after few minutes, like I m in my room to 4 pc for example.
Each pc produces heat for 70-80 degrees ā€¦ so much ā€¦ not good!

hi Mat, i was lookingā€¦i m seeking my items everywhere!!!

20Amp = 20000mAmp
You can go with 2x 6s (22.2V) 20000mA, iā€™ve one set of those and first tests were made with those, ok for 25 minutes or so.
Iā€™ve also 4x 6s 16000mA (bargain from Hobby King) and lately I use these 4, 2 in series and then the 2 group of 2 in paralell. 45 minutes riding, approximately. I feel the motor more alive.
Depends on which battery and quality of battery you can get, Tattu are expensive but some people, Pacificmeister one of them, use 2x 22000mA Tattu with good resultsā€¦ Hobby King batteries are cheper but even overall perfomance might not be the same.

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