Project & Part recomendations

Hi there! I was wondering what it would take to construct a very reliable board that I could put a lot of hours on, What parts would you recommend? What would you estimate the cost to be? In addition, I don’t have a whole lot of experience with building things about the biggest thing I have built is a 3d printer what are some projects that are relatively inexpensive that you would recommend so that I can learn the skills needed to make an efoil.

Start with an ebike and/or esk8 board to learn some ebuilding skills. Much cheaper, easier, and parts are more available. Also, get a foil and cheap board with foilmount and start learning how to ride it behind boats. That way you will already know how to ride an efoil before finishing it and if you even like foiling. It isn’t for everyone. I have introduced no less than 12 of my friends who are watersports enthusiasts to foiling and none have continued the pursuit to learn.

The reliability will come down to not just the parts used, but also a blend of your build skills and how well you can ride it without abusing it.

thanks thats a really good idea!