Project V1 FoilDV

Hello! In the beginning, I want to express my deep gratitude to the developers of the site and all participants. This resource was a great discovery for me. And so about the project. This is my first building. After rereading a lot of topics, there is already a general idea (waiting for opinions, comments and criticism).

Project V1 FoilDV

Engine: Flipsky 65161 (120 kW) - 12 mm axle (according to reviews it is better to choose it than 10 mm)
Remote: MayTech V3
Control unit: VESC Trampa 75v300a
Battery: for Samsung 30Q 18650 cell (14S14P)
Foil: Focus_Sup Hawaii (S-1400 cm2)
Board: handmade (lift foil shape)

Now I have some questions. I would like to hear your opinion:
1.What is better to choose a motor with 12mm or 10mm axle? (I lean more towards 12 mm)
2. Bataria will have two 7S14P (* 2). I don’t plan to use BMS. What is your opinion on how to secure the battery?
3. One of the main problems is that the mast is not hollow inside, so it becomes difficult to pass the power wires from the motor and the cooling tube into the case. Saw the solution by the mast cover in the front, through which everything goes.
4. How to strengthen the place where the mast is attached to the body? (I plan to use non-mortgages with runners)

I will be glad to opinions, sorry in advance for the English (Translation).

Uploading: 2.jpg…

We are slowly continuing construction. Little by little, the body begins to emerge. Several photos of the draft.