Prop doing 5000 rpm

3d printed prop spinning at over 5000rpm and not desintergrating!. Means motor is running at 24000 rpm. Probably not doing this in the water under load.

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80100 rpm test.

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Hi Mike,
in your first video I didn’t see any mark on one of the propeller blades which would allow the rev counter to recognize that one revolution is over. Whithout that (or a similar feature) the rev counter will take every blade passing by the laser spot count as a revolution and show you the threefold value of the rpm.

There is a reflective sticker on one of the blades that the laser picke up as it’s rotating.

I didn’t see it, sorry.

Its pretty surprising eh?

I’ve run mine at 6000 rpm to help me get my rotating assembly as close to concentric & balanced as I can. Its spent a long time at that speed. I definitely suggest full face protection around it!

I actually ran one of my early props on the motor directly. Super dangerous and stupid. That was scary the entire test jig wanted to take off.

Not sure how accurate it is but, as described in this link, I recorded 4,325 using a free IOS app on my 56104 500KV motor with a Neugart 5:100:

I am doubtful too. Just curious. What is the display without this sticker ?

Without the reflective sticker it reads 0.