Prop Pitch and Diameter starting points?

I am about to start prop testing. I will run the 100kv waterproof Alien motor at 12s. I plan to print a lot of props for testing. All ducted for safety. The prop with the most thrust will be CNC machined.

Can you recommend some starting points for pitch and diameter?

Solas 0001-073-06P works well with 80kv/12s and plenty of power,

that’s 7,3 inch diameter/ 6 inch pitch … so 185mm diameter / 150mm pitch in real units :slight_smile:

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Hi mat. Did you do some thrust test. I have done some test you can find in this forum. Almost same setting with 8s and 100kv

the only test i did was: jump in the water with it :slight_smile:
I don’t have any number, but lying on the board, quite forward to avoid taking off (so with the back of the board dragging in the water) at full throttle, it’s FAAAAAAST :slight_smile:
and if you apply the throttle when the nose is underwater, the submarine mode is scary…
see video here: 80100 direct cooling - #22 by Mat - Builds -

the numbers i got with this propeller and 4300rpm in air setup (TP 4070 (125A) 780KV 8S 6:1)

sorry not really long foiling number…


rpm drop 28%