Propeller data base for commercially available propellers

Hello, I am opening this section here, because I think it might be interesting for many of us to share information on commercially available propellers. The main information required next to diameter is pitch and hub-diameter. Others might be maximum allowed RPM and mounting details. Sometimes the only way of finding out is buying one. This is what I did for two different props. I will share the data here and hope others will share data on other props as well.

Solas Amita 3
Diameter 7 1/4"
Pitch 6"
Cost: 40€
Measured hub radius: 49mm
Measured Mouting shaft: 10mm & shear pin

Raboesch 130mm - MS-Propeller Serie 146 3Bl-130-R-M5
Mounting: M5
D [mm]: 130,0
Pitch [mm]: 133,2 (later I found this value written down online)
Max. RPM [U/min]: 2150
Cost 58€

Does anybody have more pitch information on the following propellers:
Haswing Prop 3-Blade for Protruar 2HP / 24V

Torqeedo Propellers

  • V10/p350 Ultralight (means 10km/h and 350Watt)
  • V9/p790 Travel
  • V8/p350 (Travel/cruide)
  • V8/p350 Cruise
  • V30/p4000 Cruise
  • V13/p4000 Cruise
  • V20/p4000 Cruise
  • V19/p4000 Cruise
  • V30/p4000 Cruise
  • V19/p4000 Cruise
  • Folding Prop v13/p4000 Cruise FP

Kipawa Propellers

  • Kipawa 314 (3 1/4 Hub)
  • Kipawa 358
  • Kipawa 853
  • Kipawa 350
  • Kipawa 80/01
  • Kipawa 400
  • Kipawa 400/101
  • Kipawa 112

… and others. Thanks for sharing.


Honda 4, 5 and 6 HP outboards

Pitch : 7½ inches or 6 - 3/4 inches or ???
Hub diam. :
Diameter : 7⅞ inches
Cost : ~ $50
Max rpm : Motor max is 5500, max propeller will be 5000/2,08= 2644 rpm
Manufacturer site : Honda marine

Honda propellers for small outboard motors (4, 5 and 6 hp) presented on La Rochelle Grand Pavois boat show 2017 was in aluminium .

We are using the JAVAPROP software where we input our motor RPM, available torque (Nm), thrust required at specific speed 5.5m/s, select the diameter we want and blades are designed for peak efficiency. I’m headed over to Simons 3D print shop this afternoon to get our new props, super exciting that we can exactly what we need on-demand :slight_smile:


How are you running JavaProp? Java is not letting me open because of security risk. I try to ass an exception in Java for, but it still won’t let me open Java Prop.


For anyone coming across this later, Java will not allow self-signed apps to run. So to get JavaProp to run on your computer, open “configure java” go to security, and add an exception for Then Java will allow you to run the application.

We use MATLAB to generate the propeller parameters, and then import these key parameters into CATIA to automatically generate the propeller.