Propeller measurements

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Katamaran used for measur
24kg all incl. Ready for ride

Are you using a cheap 6384 120kv in 6s?
The two blade prop are 3d printed?

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Sorry but without having nephogram of motor or knowing characteristics of vessel, this does not say much. You are probably hitting a wall of deplacement speed at 13kmh. Examples with same speed and pitch/rpm are good comparison of which principle is best.

Yes, is a Prop von EML in very good quality
6384, 150A flycolor hv and 6s Lipo

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No wall :blush:
By 12s runs this Kat 25km/h

In addition, the conditions are the same for all props.

I have few to try too :smiley:

Are you using the same cheap motor?

Yes, I used 6384, 120kv. It’s a nice and good motor.
Best regards Frank

Where do you get this 3BL CNC Alu Prop turning Clockwise?

It’s one year of testing for me too need to record log in riding i need a wavrx🤙
(If anyone have an wavrx don’t used😁)

Sorry, it’s not to buy, it’s a work from a friend.
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On which motor?
Just in case I put some epoxy on it and them in vaccum bag. The prop becomes much more rigid.

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Nice insights! For as far as I know it is also beneficial for the analysis to log the rotational speed in rpm.

Where do you find these props?

You can buy it :flushed::blush::upside_down_face:
By Easyfoil, Flite, FR…

Nice to see some figures in comparable conditions, can’t help but wonder though how much the 13-15kph span affects the drag.