Props found on the internet

if you scroll down a little there are some that might be interesting. What do you think?

Interesting, but the cheap ones are really small and the larger ones don’t fit easily to the shafts common here. In addition to this there is a lack of technical specification.
Did you notice that these props are designed for tunnel thrusters? I think that means, efficiency is not a top design goal, because thrusters are only a few times for a few seconds each working.

In addition to that, don’t forget to mention the sharp edges which make it highly risky to use on efoil. I woul be scared to put anything in there. That’s why everyone here tries to use rounded edge prop I think

If you use a ducted prop, which is highly recommended for efoils, the shape of the blades is ok.

Not even close to our needs, believe me.
I come from another big marine industry producing thrusters (now I moved on, e-motor for boat, outboards etc.), Thrusters prop are not suitable for propulsion and speed. Kgf of trust doesn’t translate in fast efficient planning.
…but I used motors, gauges and the big pool to test my own efoil props anyway :wink: