Propulsion system without assembly

Hi everyone,

I am brand new to and I’m looking for some help with my propulsion system. I am in high school with limited experience in this sort of DIY and I’m wondering if you guys know of any fully assembled propulsion systems? Ideally, if I could order something and have it ready to go and waterproof out of the box, that would be perfect.


@Flying_Rodeo used to sell propulsion units, not sure if there are still any available: - flyingrodeoefoil Resources and Information.
Not cheap but known for good quality.

Otherwise get a 65161 from china, and build it yourself, the 65161 motors are waterproofed.

Awesome, thanks! The @Flying_Rodeo ones do look a bit pricey for me… but I would definitely be willing to learn how build a cheaper one myself. I’m not worried about having speed control or anything like that - as long as I can turn the motor on and off, that’s enough for me. So just to double check, I would need the motor, prop, battery and… anything else? Sorry, I’m just starting to do research on this!

Also, I found this motor on flipsky for $190:

Does anyone now if that would be sufficient power?


Suggest you spend some time reading the forum, it is a great resource, unfortunately it can be difficult to navigatt/find things. Build logs are a goot starting point. The motor above is too small and the wires leave rhe motor on the wrong end.

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Sounds good, thanks for the help!