Public Cad files

What do you think about a public drop box order where everyone can share their cad files. Of cause only files where the maker agreed to publish them.
No more repeated questions about certain files. No more endless searching in chats for a specific file.
Everyone can upload their files and everyone who needs them knows where to find them.
It’s an easy way to share them and it makes it so much more easy to find a certain file.
Would that work or did I miss something?

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Ofc as newbie I like this idea. I have not much to give yet which will be changed in near future.

Maybe a simple option would be to upload to GrabCad as per Waterproof remote housing - #7 by Hiorth - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) - your suggestion of a single thread is good however we may see a lot of junk as well. ??

Sorry if I bump the topic.
But anyone can share a board cad files please ?
I so there is a lot of efoilers that use Fusion 360 and make a DIY board.
So anyone can share it please ?

Thanks a lot

This was already started and the link below should be a starting point to add too.

A public drop box, grab cad, google drive, would be awesome especially if it was well organized.