Purchasing battery packs in the US (6s3p similar to what Foil Drive Assist Plus uses)

I want to build a Foil Drive Assist Plus clone and pretty much got most of the parts except for the battery.

I found this company that sells a 6s3p pack with 21700 cells: 6s3p P42A Battery Pack | Transparent Series — MBoards

Do you see any issues with using this pack? It should fit into my enclosure (could even fit 2 of them stacked)

Do you have any other recommendations on where to buy a decent pack?

Aloha @t-dub-maui,

those are really nice batteries. I just emailed them to ask which battery they would recommend for the Flipsky 65111 motor. One of the issues I am running into with that motor is the ESC I have from Flpiksy takes up a bunch of space in the enclosure I have.

Are you building a foil assist like Foil Drive? Let me know what parts you are using and your progress. Another issue I am running into is designing and printing mast clamp for the Naish S26 mast. I am new to 3D printing and design.

Hey do you know a guy named Mike Buden? He is my brother in-law.



Hi tkramer,

I just ordered their 10s2p P42A pack. Now I need an ESC that can handle it. I was also just looking at the Flipsky that you have, seems like a reasonable choice.
I have the same brand enclosure as you, but mine is a bit bigger (270x170x100mm outside dimensions).

The motor I got is a 6384 150KV. At this stage I’m basically just waiting for parts and trying to figure out some details. Also, I’m in the process of 3d printing the parts for the motor mount.

I don’t think I know your brother in-law, if he is a wing foiler then there might be a chance I have met him.

Right on!! What mast motor mount are you printing? Luckily as an educator I just got a year license for Fusion360 BUT how the heck to use it is a whole other deal. I would eventually like to design my own mast clamps for a variety of mast profiles. For now I am scouring the internet for something that will get this project up and running. I think I will order from them too. They got back to me right away which is nice. Mike and his daughter Lily are on the Westside - wingers, prone, sup foilers.

The RC toy industry has plenty of esc to choose from and on Facebook there are 18650 battery building groups that could help acquire battery packs.

@tkramer Currently I’m trying to make a mast clamp for Lift (haven’t found any existing files on the internet yet). I’m also trying to learn Fusion 360, it’s definitely a learning curve but making small progress.

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I’ve got some fusion 360 experience. Would love to help. I’m on Maui as well. Would love to see your setup in person.

Would you have a real builder link ? Not one trusted by commercial manufacturers or porn vids I mean.
These one look legit:

Thanks for your offer to help with Fusion 360. Yes, I can definitely show you the setup in person.

The problem regarding the Lift foil mast clamp is now solved.
@3rd_ave_Lien created a mast clamp file in Fusion 360 that can be adjusted to fit different mast profiles. I printed a version for Lift and it fits pretty well.

Hello @t-dub-maui and @tkramer
I’m also searching for a mast clamp for a Naish S26 mast profile.
Do you already have one which you can share with me?
That would be awesome.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Michael.

Yes I have the “motor side” clamp for you but I used a metal clamp in place of the nosecone.

I will send pics of my setup. Bummer is I am not getting enough power to my motor with my current setup. I think I am going to switch up to a SUP style foilboard and put both batteries in a box together.