Qm 300A60V 250A84V 200A60V Brushless ESC

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If you added a link to where it can be bought you’d get more interest.

Is it a VESC?
Do you sell it with the mating waterproof connectors?
Price range?

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I think it’s an interesting ESC since it looks like it could be waterproof for real, not like some of your competitors which are more ”drip proof”.

More information will help you get customers so i’ll try to fill in the gaps:
Is it your own hardware and software, (it’s not based on VESC)?

Can you program the ESC? How?
Could you upload the settings screens of the ESC program here so we can see the functionality in the program?

Can you upload a 3D model on grabcad or similar model sharing site? This will help users with the packaging of the esc in the board.

Does the ESC have an emergency stop function? This is highly useful as a safety feature while riding. Normally you activate a pin either high or low which stops the motor drive.

Thank you for your interest, would you leave me an email I send you all the details in a document.

Sure, i’ll send my email, but it’s better to post all data here to benefit all foilers (and possible customers)