Quanly D65L161 Water Proof Brushless Motor for E FOIL

  1. D65 rotor was designed with segmentation and stagger magnets ,the segmentation design can reduce eddy current in the magnets,then make the rotor have less heat generation,stagger magnets design make the motor have more bigger start torque , smooth start,and smaller vibration, the ripple of the torque is more smaller,.
  2. High quality ball bearing ,very low noise and vibration.
  3. The rotor have good dynamic balance,the vibration of the motor is very low .
  4. The magnets have very high magnet strength and temperature limit can reach to 150° .
  5. H-grade ,high temperature copper wires with high insulation .
  6. High power density ,High torque, and high efficiency,High RPM .
  7. Water-proof grad IP8 .
  8. Water cooling feature .
  9. The case use Light,high strength 7075 alloy with blaster and black anodize,can prevent from Oxidation and corrosion
  10. H-grade ,high temperature copper wires with high insulation .
  11. The project was designed to three version for different application,there are Water-proof feature, water-cooling feature or Combined Water-proof and water cooling .

Nice to hear from you.
How is it possible to buy from hobiba ? I have in mind the products from the following pages.
Is it possible to get the following motors in 120 KV not offered yet:

D65(L120) waterproof motor : D65 waterproof motor_Dongguan Hobiba Technology Co., Ltd. 18N/6P
D65L161 available in 130 and 100KV (is it waterproof ?) D65L161_Dongguan Hobiba Technology Co., Ltd. 18N/6P
D70L161 available in 105 and 155KV (is it waterproof ?) D70L161_Dongguan Hobiba Technology Co., Ltd. 12N/10P

Outrunner: D83 water-cooled motor (can it exist in 120KV ?) D83 water-cooled motor_Dongguan Hobiba Technology Co., Ltd. 24N/20P

This 60-120A ESC looks like the FoilDrive one:

@Manufoil, Hobiba is here.

Try to contact them, I don’t think they are doing BtoC but worth a shot.



Great there is another waterproof motor. If this is well made and is actually IP68 and has high quality bearings, it could be a good motor. However, it looks teh same as other motors.

What is the difference between this motor and;

Or this one;

Also, do you privide a propellor?

What are the specifications of the propellor?

Was it designed for this motor? Or is it a standard 2hp outboard motor propellor?

What is the diametr? Pitch?

Is it 7 1/4" x 6"?

A picture of propellers of different sizes?

Which propeller is the motor designed for. It is a waterproof motor, so I assume it is designed to be in water - with a propellor.

There is a huge market for a high quality motor with realistic and honest rationgs which is properly matched to a propellor.

These propellors are designed for outboard motors that rev to a maximum of 5000 rpm.

Your motors, running at 14S (57V) will spin at twice this speed. They will be totally inefficient. There is no way you will get anywhere near the claimed power.

Your motor is just another motor that looks like all of the other motors, that makes the same claims, but which offers no realistic data or application.

Hobiba make the Flipsky and Maytech motors.

The big question is if Quanly is actually Hobiba?

Is that true? I would really love to know.

I would love to work with the actual manufacturer. There is a massive market for a quality product.

Is this in an open source forum based format, or in a closed format? Nothing really stops you finding manufacturers and working with them, but they will make you pay for things.

Open source. There is experience in ths forum. A smart manufacturer would work with us to provide a product that people would buy.

@Hailin having deleted his/her posts, shall we deduce that this offer is stillborn ?

But that already exists. In addition any of the manufacturers could just clone and very slightly alter the existing Lift or FR motors. It’s really not complex to reverse engineer the best existing motor. The biggest issue is that in open source guys will still pay for the cheapest motor even if it’s not the best. The 65161 already strikes this balance. For most efoilers the motor is good enough.

looks like this :roll_eyes:

So it appears that they share the same address which would indicate they are one and the same. Strange that they have vanished though now after advertising. Maybe Maytech and Flipsky and some other direct clients are a little bit upset…