Quest for silence


I am currently running a marinized APS 80100 80KV. It works well, but it is noisy. I think it may be a little off-balanced causing vibrations being amplified by the mast. Any suggestions to making it more quiet? The magnet gaps are made flush, and I have fitted some small pieces of rubber on the mounting screws, but not much improvement. I am running without the big bearing and I am wondering wether it makes a difference with regards to vibrations/noise.

I may be looking into switching to another motor. Has anyone done any comparison of noise production of the different motors? What motor is the quietest?

Go for 63100 and a Vesc
Silence compared to 80100

Vesc + direct drive inrunner and very well balanced prop -> close to zero noise

Agree, my Flipsky 65161 with VESC and FR prop is very, very quiet

Change the ESC, and your Outrunner is silence.
Greetings Frank