Question about charging 6s lipos (solved)

At least for me there is new stuff to learn with every aspect of this project. This weekend I am attempting to charge my four 6s 10Ah lipos for the first time. It says 22.2V on the packaging which would equal to 3.7V per cell. I am using a IMAX B6 and it charges at 1.5A.

Before I charged them, they were at around 3.6V per Cell. Now after charing, they are at 3.8V. So about 22.8V in total. Should they not be at 4.2V per cell and 25.2v? The charger stops when they reach about 3.8V. I am not sure if this is normal. Do my packs somehow have a lower maximum voltage as usual? I am very sure that Lipos normaly go up to 4.2V. Have any of you guys experience with this?

I have the same charger, check if you are using the right mode: lipo balance charging,
Also In the settings check the end voltage for lipo is around 4.21volts

Lipo should go to 4.2. What options does your charger have? Are you able to monitor each cell during charging? Could be that one or more cells hit 4.2v and therefore cuts the charger.

Your settings would be on storage voltage of 3.8 volts per cell.
If you’re needing to use your batteries you need to put your settings to balance charge.

I used the “Charge” programm. Acording to a youtube tutorial that does not balance it. So now I use the “Balance” mode. I clicked through the settings, but I cannot change the voltage other than some presets. There is Lipo at 3.7V and LiFe at 3.3V and some other at 3V. I cannot change any of these up to 4.2V.

There was also a 2h charge time limiter enabled. I disabled that. Lets see what it does now.

Check if there is not a security such as time of charging and capacity of charging , most of them are factory set to couple hours or 5000mah …

Safety timer and capacity something

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Ther is still a 6Ah charge maximu. Is that the amount it puts into the battery, or the final charge level of the battery? In that case it would explain why it charged to around 50%.

6s ? So 4,2v x 6= 25,2v , maximum charging rate around 60-80w so you can charge your battery at around 2A
Capacity need to be set at the level of your battery 6s 10Ah ? So set it at 8-10 000mah
Time ? 5-6h
At around 4.1v / cell fast charging at 2A will stop and the rest will be charging with the balancing cable on each cells , since I recall around 0.2A (?) this can take some time to get from 4.1 to 4,2v / cell on big battery

Yeah I expect this to take a few days to complete. There are enough challenges with the motor and the ESC that I don´t need to invest in a fast charger at the moment. I just want it to fly at least once for now.

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So for anyone with the same problem:

  • Remove the maximum charge time setting for large Lipos.

  • Select “Balance” program. It actually means “Balanced Charging”, not just balance on the IMAX B6AC.

Now they are all at 4.2V.