Question to all riders - Amps to get on foil, Amps when up

I’m trying to paint a picture of how many Amps are used while getting up and while on the foil based on the many different builds out there.

I completely understand that many factors are involved, but some builders have posted what they are pulling on their setup and many others haven’t.

So how about a poll (sort of) and if you can, let us know what Amps your pulling during take off, and once flying. Assuming your profile lists your build spec,(if not please add some details here) maybe add your weight to your post. Ill maybe make a spreadsheet available with the results.

Ideally info in the following format:

Amps to fly:
Amps on wing cruising speed 15/20Kmph:
% throttle to fly:

Motor type: direct drive
Motor Model: 81XXX
Battery: xSxP
Foil: wing size cm2:
Foil Mast height cm:
Prop: pitch/diameter/brand
Board CC: 90L
Total board / power train weight Kg:
Rider weight Kg:
MIN Speed: (to foil) RPM:
MAX Speed:XMph RPM:

Add anything else you think might be relevant.

This might help us all in our quest for that holy grail of efficiency and long ride time.

I had 80100 motor with flier esc needed around 60-70 amps to start foiling.