Questions to DIY guys

Next week I plan several interviews with DIY guys creating their own jetboards/efoils for our Jetsurfingnation channel

Though I am just a rider and not a DIY guy, I still want it to be helpful for DIY community.

Could you let me know what are main questions you suggest to ask and main challenges DIY community has ? I will try to cover your questions during the interviews.




My dad and I have build now 2 jet boards.
We ALWAYS struggle with making the needed compartments watertight/proof.
Please ask them how they do it.

Also. Mike. We might go on vacation again to Lisboa. If so, I will take my board(s), and try to ride with you one day :slight_smile:

Hey, I watched your channel and learned a a lot about esurfing, and that’s manly how I got into it.
I’m still pretty new too this community, but here’s are some questions I would ask.
How long did it take to do a complete build jet board a efoil
What skills are required to build a esurfboard.
What are the risks of building one or owning one.
Did you have any prior experience with electronics or glass fiber.
What got you into the of esurfing
Do you consider esurfing to be a sport or a hobby
How long did it take you to learn to foil (this question only applies if you are a efoiler)

I hope I helped a little bit, those are just some questions I would ask

Why there are no efoil races yet, Parcours or quarter mile :smile:

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Hi Mike,

I would say battery enclosures and battery safety is a growing concern. Very hard to find proper enclosures and good safety components at reasonable cost. Some newer brands also seem to struggle in this area.
Would not be surprised if insurance companies start putting limit capacity limits for household storage soon as with flamables.

BR from Sweden

Why do they want to built/sell one ?
What makes it so special ?
Any new features never seen before ?
How they provide a good customer warranty without charging a too high buying price ?

Thank you for the questions guys!

[loveefoils] thank you for your kind words about the channel

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Our first DIY interview is LIVE! I Made an Electric Surfboard | Meet Simon Sörensen @RCLifeOn

Nice… Simon is a cool guy.