Quick Change Thrust unit using direct drive Outrunner

Just sharing my progress.

Version A-01…

Here my 7year old running a KDE 700 295KV with custom 4"x6" Prop

Then the fist usable propulsion unit started end of June finished beginning of August 2018: Alien 6374 60Kv 5.5"x7" custom printed prop. 14S 22Ah Lipo.

Marginal power for riders up to 70kg. 1500-1600Watt @ 13mph using 84" SlingShot Infinity Wing.

Second System just finished on 8/25/2018: Alien 80100 80Kv with modified Solas 7.3" x 6" prop on 12S Lipo.

Now that’s some power!!!

2meter 125Kg Human Hydrofoiling…



Very nice, Is that a dry pod out runner, or direct water cooling? I like the battery in the back Idea. I think I might try that.

Direct water cooled.

Only time will tell but my Sons RC cars have been subjected much worse conditions and all we really do is change bearings every other season…

working on some waterproof remotets…

wire routing.


Did you modify the outrunners somehow? Like filling the gaps between the magnets? Gluing together the windings?

Running them without mods and acccepting the deficiency (more than some need to foil apparently =1.2kW).

Anyone have numbers on a perfectly smoothed vs. stock setup?

But I’m foiling with minimal engineering and $ effort…so im happy at the moment.


Waterproof remote just finished this weekend.

Inductive charging (Thanks Adafruit)

GT2B using a reed switch and dongle for power.

Second safety comprised of a reed switch capable of removing the ESC’s PWM signal.

Conveniently the Castle Creation ESC does not arm again until it sees a low ( < 1250us ish) signal.



E-Box internals (yawning void)…!


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Alien 80100 no internal modifications. 75Kg Rider.

125Kg Rider.

Since I won’t loose weight any time soon this system desperately urges for improvement. Or a humongous Battery Box :wink:

Filling the gaps between the magnets made a big difference for me.
I didn’t spin the rotor to do that, instead i found a plastic tube with the OD slightly above the ID of the magnets, did a cut lengthwise (to be able to remove it after and to make it fit), waxed it, sealed the bottom with clay and poured epoxy in the gaps… not 100% smooth but works nicely.


Thanks for the Tip! I’ll post, post treatment datatlogs.

Next Gen Waterproof Remote.

Hall sensor thumb throttle, 900Mhz Adafruit Feather’s, PVC pipe…too much fun!


Very nice! Simple and powerful!

Like it !

That’s great! Would you be interested in sharing the code?

Nice simple setup! What thumb throttle are you using? Are these waterproof?

I’ve heard of ebike users complaining that these fail with water ingress. But maybe there’s a rated waterproof version.