Raiden 7 pro release

2023, ZESC family has a new member, Raiden 7-PRO. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Bran new design pushes continuous current to 200A.
Aluminum PCB makes heat transfer more efficiently.
Water block keeps temperature below 50C under full load.

Click link for more details.
Raiden 7 PRO | Zesc (


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Looks like a nice development. Does this vesc support phase filters?

How difficult would it be to get this esc to be IP67? Obviously the connectors are not, but the design might be able to be potted with short pigtails to the connectors (or something similar). What would it take?

I think you’d have unique selling point for this product if it was IP67 as delivered.

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Do not make the speed controller IP67 rated. You will end up with a lot of returns if there is the smallest defect in the waterproofing. It’s a liability you do not want.

It’s much easier to make DIY users waterproof it themselves and if they mess it up it’s their problem.

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Way to go Jezza, all in the interest of the diy builders, right? If you design it properly for IP67 then it could be robust for IP67 - let zesc decide for themselves if it’s worthwile.

I find that often people aren’t thinking on diy forums. Buy an esc for 250$, the first thing you do is to put it in an extra enclosure for 50$, cable glands for 20$, connectors for 15$, cables for 10$ and your own time for 200$. To design it into the original design is way cheaper and gives a better result overall. Isn’t this the way you’d like it if you had the choice?

How about those calculations, you on top of it? I do smell that you won’t try since the answer could be the wrong for you.


Haha, actually it’s probably in the best interest of most DIY builders to keep the ESC footprint to a minimum and allow them to fit it into their customised builds.
As soon as the footprint increases with an IP67 case, the price goes up too.

An IP67 case from manufacturer means needing IP67 connectors for power, phases and receiver on the ESC. That’s gonna add up regardless and you’ll probably up up paying far more that way.

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Seems pretty small to me? A gasket around the edge, some well chosen connectors. If it’s designed like this from the manufacturer it’s possible and no extra case needed. Capisce?

@ZESC: i know this design is not intended to be waterproof, and changes are a complete overhaul of the case and so on, don’t get me wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe updates are possible for next iteration of the raiden (8?) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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True. It’s difficult to make it ip67 waterproof, because of those connectors. Any leakage will make trouble.
Even if we make it, what about other stuffs, like RC receiver? It’s much easier to put everything in one box.

Hi all. We will post test result with passive cooling, like big heatsink. The power rating won’t be degraded. Temperature will be higher.

tired of flipsky crap vesc so I m going for this one … will most probably pot it > look really awsome if it delivers what it says !!

Have a look at this thread, I wouldn’t touch the company again. Deceitful and untrustworthy.



yes i know …i already ordered :frowning: …i will rtry the raiden 7 pro withj water cooling maybe I will use it on my drive assist if it cannot handle the load ? will report

I’m sure the pro will work fine for you, until it doesn’t.

I wouldn’t support a company that lied in order the deny a refund for an under performing product.

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I have spent a lot of money with flipsky for same results … so we will see


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no the 75100 works great , i use it mainly for drive assist …the problem is the 75200…first fried for no reason…the second work fine but give me trouble to configure the motor…the third I cannot configure it properly …

I’ve used 5x 75200 for different projects and all have been fine. One died after 12 months of lots of use only after it got wet.

Runnings 14S and 65161.

What settings/ motor problems are you having issues with?

yes indeed thats anoying , i have set up many vesc and nether have these problems…the motor is not synchronysing propely on foc mode…when i push the throttle i get as stsnge noise and does not spin after couple of attents it will spin but don-t get much power. i upload different firware but nothing works

Could be this:How to update firmware on the Flipsky 75100 & 75200 FOC ESC - #281 by jaykup - The Citadel - Essential References for Esk8 - DIY Electric Skateboard Forums

Apparently detection gets a lot better after fixing the noise on the 75200 and it also runs smoother.

Ok, i see we are getting offtopic, after all this is a zesc thread. Let’s stop further posting on the 75200 here.