[RANT] The problem with Flipsky and many products in general

Sorry guys, I have to rant a bit. Maybe we should have a rant section. Such a frustrating day today! And we all know this. It’s just another complaint on the pile.

So I am making a foil for a friend, and I decided to use the FS 200A ESC because it fits the budget and works: https://flipsky.net/collections/electronic-products/products/high-current-fsesc-200a-60v-base-on-vesc6

We are in a bit of a hurry, so I used a mill to make a box for it while waiting for the ESC to ship. I knew the dimensions of the box because it says on the FS website:

Today I get the ESC and it is 67mm, not 58mm wide. Now I need to re-do my boxes, which is a big PITA and a lot of work. And this is my rant:

Dear Flipsky,
How come I cannot know what I am getting before I get it? At dayjob (engineer: EE, ME, SW), I work with all kinds of products and integrate them and it is very normal to expect the dimensions on the website accurately represent what I will get. It should be a basic expectation to know the dimensions of a product. I understand the performance may vary, I can live with that. But the dimensions? Can you just put the accurate dimensions on your website and stick to them?

Flipsky wants to be like Castle, T-motor, Turnigy, KDE etc. But they can’t ever get to that level because they are not willing to commit to designs and advertise them accurately with datasheets and performance data. It seems everything from their company is outsourced to some other place where they have no idea what they are shipping, or they use their customers as guinea pigs and tweak the design constantly based on customer feedback.

And, if they have some engineers in-house, are they children or robots? Look at this design:

The ESC is bricked in epoxy so it is clearly waterproof and intended to be submerged. But the connectors, XT-90’s and SH’s, are clearly not waterproof, and are intended to be located in a dry place. But a grownup human would know that XT-90’s arent water proof, and so they wouldn’t have bothered with the epoxy, or they would have used a waterproof connector! But minimal pull testing would show that silicone jacket wire doesn’t bond to epoxy potting compound, thus invalidating the use of the epoxy in the first place, so I can clearly not choose the design in front of me!

Look at this madness from Castle. Dimensions clearly listed on the website
Width: 2.0" (50.8mm)
Length: 2.8" (71.9mm)
Depth: 0.9" (23.2mm)

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Yes, it is super frustrating. Their margins are just too slim to deliver much more than they do. I have just come to terms with the fact that they will be consumable parts like most things manufactured these days.

Choose 2:
performance, longevity, low price

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If I got it and it blew up, I wouldn’t have a problem! The issue is not with the product quality, I think you get actually quite a good quality for the price. They have a good EE team and they fit this niche well.

But for goodness sake can they simply tell me an accurate size? It don’t cost money to say what the size is!

It is pretty crazy something that basic can’t even be properly specified.

At least they didn’t just tweak the firmware, pour a little potting epoxy in it, and then triple the price like Maytech does with their remotes!

Well, looks like they recognize their mistake and updated the website:

bonjour nickw1881
j’ai envoyé un mail à flipsky sans réponse pour des infos , sais tu si je peux utiliser FS 200A ESC avec des batteries Li-ion en 13S ?

For 13S I would recommend a 16S VESC, not a 12S one, there is a new watercoled VESC75200 from Flipsky that supports up to 16S.

I think they potted the ESC so it doesn’t blow up if you do get it wet. I don’t agree with your assumption about the XT90 connector intended use. Why aren’t you using your own connectors? Just solder your own and use glue-lined heatshrink. You’re an engineer, after all. The important part is the ESC is a solid design. It looks like those electrolytics are brand name panasonic caps, as well.

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