RAY FOIL Review ![🔋] Battery inside the mast!

RAY FOIL Review ![:battery:] Battery inside the mast!

Probably many of you DIY experts thought or even made this idea but this is a first time i see it is done in a commercial product. What is your opinion, pros and cons of battery inside the mast setup?

This is not a foil assist. this is a full power efoil! 18kg total which is great! 1h riding time.



Clever: the small box above the mast with the rear charging plug (for full battery inside the mast), antenna. I don’t think there is enough room for the ESC in this box

From the site: how do you get a solid mount for the mast and an ESC in such a small volume ?

A Flipsky 65161, 120KV fitted with a FR Foldy prop like Fliteboard. Well done David !


I’m not amazed by the 18kg of the complete board fitted with the RayFoil. A bare LIFT efoil board is already 10-13kg because of its reinforcement.
The brand could go below 18kg choosing a rigid board (non inflatable). The STX 5.5 120l Inflatable board is 7kg. So the mast + motor + battery + plane is 11 kg.

Has any one heard or seen pictures of the similar Takuma project with the battery inside the mast ?

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Takuma project was just an idea and 3D render which may or may not come in reality. But here Andres already made a commercial product that works.

A bare LIFT efoil board is already 10-13kg because of its reinforcement.

There is no need for any reinforcements here because there is no battery compartment inside. It can be attached to normal light foil boards, so I think 18kg is impressive.

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That was my point.

The question is “is 11kg impressive for a Flipsky 120KV motor + mast + plane + battery + ESC + receiver” ? I don’t know. More over, we dont know yet what is the battery flat setup like: 8s5p, 10s 5p ? How many cells can we accomodate in a mast.

Would you have a picture ?

I think it’s 12S5P, but I can’t remember where I saw that…

8k€ pre-order. Competitive price? Time will tell…