Ready to go motor system availability

Hey guys,
Who sells an e-foil motor system that is actually available to purchase today?

Please not pre-sale guys. I see alot of those here and there. I am looking for something to purchase today.

I know about FlyingRodeo. So please list those that are actually shipping.

Anyone near Hawaii is preferred.
Thanks in advance.

I have 2 systems in the post right now from FR.

he dose ship world wide but take a few week to build and send which is fair enough IMO.

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It is amazing that, in June 2019, there is only one brand in the world selling a ready to go efoil motor system :shushing_face:

Yes , I agree.
If i wasnt tied up in my project I would be making it. I see many opportunities even for small scale. Oh well. It is what it is.