Reality check - complete beginner

I’ve recently discovered efoiling and I’m obsessed! I live in mid-Wales and have a huge reservoir which would be ideal for efoiling.

Obviously the hefty price tag of most efoils is way beyond my budget but I could afford to build one over time.

I am fairly capable with DIY but have very little knowledge of electrical wiring etc.

How realistic would a self build be for someone like me?

Are there any basic ‘foil proof’ plans available out there?

Any help and advice would be appreciated.

I’d say this:

  • Buy ready made board
  • Buy decent foil that takes you past being a beginner
  • Buy all electrical components and put correct connectors on
  • Buy or make battery
  • Connect all together

The longest and most tedious part is making a board. If you can get a board that is already done and seal properly, then the rest is much easier.


Dont be put off by the electronics.

You could go for a proven Flipsky 100Kv 65161 motor, Flipsky 300a seal ESC and Maytech remote. The electrics on this gear is quite simple once you gain a basic understanding.

I would recommend building one only if you think you will enjoy the build. If you dont enjoy building stuff, an efoil build will break you for sure!


Try to find a fablab nearby and click here Search results for 'wales' - to find a Welsh forum member you could meet (Midlands right ?):

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Thanks for that. Are ready made boards easy to get hold of?

When I started researching to build my efoil, I had absolutely no knowledge of electronics/electrical wiring. I agree with @michion! Once you do some research, you will realize that it is not as complicated as it seems.

All you need electronics wise is a battery with balance charge or BMS (a lot to read about that), a controller (VESC or ESC), a remote with a receiver (maytech is not great but best option right now) and a motor unit (motor, mast clamp, prop, duct).

Like @Jezza said, if you can find a ready to use board, you could focus on building a 18650 battery pack which @Vincentbraillard made a detailed guide about. However, I suggest that you read extensively about the subject before playing with 18650 cells as batteries are very dangerous! Then all you have left to build/design is the motor unit. There is an excellent pre-built option called the FR motor system. That’s the same motor unit that Lift uses. Of course, it’s not cheap but it will save you a lot of complexity and trial and error and it is the best performing/most reliable solution.

It all comes down to how much you want to spend and how much time you have on your hand. Skills and knowledge can be easily acquired through the process. If you get your read time to over 24 hours, you’ll have a better understand of how complex or simple building an efoil can be

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Thank you. I’m really excited to get started. I have a friend with an engineering workshop who may be able to help.