Really disappointed

So not long ago I purchased a 7inch FR prop from Carved.

He assured me the prop was brand new as per picture.

I received it this morning and surprise. I first noticed straight out the hub has been drilled out or should I say butchered. No way to fit the prop on the FR/Lift motor except using a big washer and longer screw at the back of the prop. (The bronze prop is the original Lift 6inch prop for reference).

Then having a closer look I also noticed this prop was a 6inch, I double checked with David. It is in no case a 7inch. The blade top edge are level when both prop seat flat on a flat surface and same distance from bottom edge to the lower edge of the hub. I even molded the blade with clay they are identical.

I sent an email to Carved. He replied the prop fit perfect on the FR but maybe not on the Lift… nice one…
and also maintain it is a 7inch

I asked to return the prop and get a refund including return shipping cost. He accepted to refund once the prop was received back without a single scratch but denied refund on the return shipping cost.

At this stage I have no trust to get a refund after I ship it back, this person is clearly dealing in bad faith.

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Read some of his post here and on e-surfer , always wondered how can @carved tested all that , but since it is a professional that explains…

As a dealer apparently this not a way to do business since the condition of the prop was clearly stated , refund shipping should be included …,

No way it has been mounted and used like this , and 6 or 7 pitch and think I can be measured as well

And if he knows the prop , dents are hard to make even if you drop them on the floor ( like i did …)

I guess since you have no needs for the same prop and we all want to see how fast you can go , I suggest you to get the 8 ‘’ prop prototype if you cannot get a 7 FR

And I am sure this one will make someone here happy , even it needs some modification like a cone end printed to get bolt on …

And I confirme that on my FR motor the prop is the same as your bronze one

I think I’m gona follow your advised, I just made a bushing so it can still be mounted nicely on the FR/Lift motor. If anyone is interested send me a message otherwise I can also keep the blue and sell the bronze one you see in picture, original Lift prop.

or… gently try to adjust the shape of the blades a little. With a bronze propeller this would probably be easier, with an aluminium propeller it would have to be verified first on a piece of sheet metal of the same material. This should allow you to get closer to the properties of the FR 7" propeller.

Shaping of metal propellers is commonly done on some racing boats, just before a race, according to the temperature and water properties.

Thanks, not really keen on that. Repitching a prop that small would be really hard. I’m just going to sell it, it will be way easier

So instead of doing the right thing and offering full refund including return shipping cost this dishonnest person threaten with legal action.

He is right on two things though, I shouldn’t have published his email address and assumed it was directly his father involved. I got pretty upset, post is now edited.


Hello Thibaud dos Santos,
you start to defame me publicly and to hide a few facts on the side. You received a photo of the propeller before you bought it and I specifically mentioned that it is sold exactly as it is.
Now you want to give it back after 5 weeks. I also granted this request, although this was excluded at the time of purchase. What is not possible, however, is that I do not reimburse you for the money in advance!
Now you are trying to blackmail me with a publication by telling half-truths and at the same time defaming other brands not involved in this sale. And then you don’t even reveal your address but publish other people’s PayPal data!
What’s wrong with you?
Very disappointing, you’re right.
I can do that too. Are you the “Thibaud dos Santos” who is the official board designer for the Ozone brand? Did not know that Ozone starts doing efoil boards with liftfoil engines now?

Bahaha this is too funny. Tribaud has never hidden his link to Ozone. Loads know about that already.

But you definitely hid your link to waydoo which explains oh so much now!

I don’t see the cyclone kite PayPal details, but I do see a public link to their website which does not break any data protection laws…

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I have nothing to hide Mélanie, yes I design kite gear for Ozone. Efoil is a hobby nothing to do with Ozone we are way to busy with kite and winging.

In the picture you sent to me by MP (posted above so everyone can see) it is easy to see the prop is mounted on the FR motor which in no case can be done with the prop you shipped to me, the hub has been drilled through (also clearly visible on the pic posted above). Also it is not a 7inch as stated, I verified this with David who manufature the prop, it is the 6inch. You are well aware you shipped the prop to a family member in france who had stuff to ship to me in NZ, hence the 5 weeks…
Anyway I’m not interested dealing with you anymore lost too much of my precious time. I’m not even after 50bucks shipping cost but I hate to be bullshited and this post will hopfully prevent others to deal with a dishonest person.


oh and stop these allegation by email I tried to pirate your Paypal account, I leave in NZ not in North Korea…


Some wonder why the post has been edited. Carved dady sent me an email threatening with Legal action all other the world if all mentions to the efoil brand he distribute and website address of his company were not removed from this post. I have no issue with the dady or the efoil brand in question so I edited the post.

Carved still didn’t acknowledge he sold to me:
-a prop which was supposed to be “as new” which had the hub drilled out and can’t be properly fitted on the FR/Lift motor
-the wrong size prop. It is not a 7inch it is a 6inch.

If Carved post only one more lie pretending I published half the story I will post all our email exchange so everyone can clearly see it is not the case. I have absolutely nothing to hide… So Carved make sure you run this past dady first or he is going to get all upset again.

Moral of the story dishonnest people are everywhere not only on Aliexpress…


Thanks David for the 7 inch prop. It is a weapon. I got up to 55kmh with a 950 wing! For a day to day use I even prefer the folding prop which is super smooth, ultra efficient and still allow to crack past 50kmh.

Looking at the 7inch (gun metal color) it is pretty clear the blue prop sold to me by the other muppet was a 6 inch and not a 7 inch

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55kmh is crazy speed…a crash starts to hurt a bit…Is that that the 7 inch Sport propeller?

It’s the 7 inch high pitch prop from Flying Rodeo. With any crash above 45kmh water feel solid. My main worry is to try to jump far away from the board side way if I loose control

yes, can not understand those water ski guys doing 100+ mph…?! FR sells actually 2 different 7 pitch props, Sport and Pro, design looking very different, but they are intended for different motors.

Yes actually the folding prop is great… It works perfect for 65162 motor as well… super quiet but still fast as well… :ok_hand:

55 km/h ???

Did you have some logs for us?

I have a log at 50kmh on my build thread. I used a 300A opto seal for this one as the motor current was getting too high for my vesc. No logging on the Opto seal unfortunately