Rear Wing for Efoil

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Whitch wing combo would you recommend to use, for my efoil project?
My suggenstions are the Moses W683 front wing and the S483 rear wing.
What rearwing would you recommend for good allround charactaristics? Topspeed, and good riding stability.
I also know that the W450 is being used in many Projects. Are there any benefits of these two?
Or is one of them a bit of a drag after getting the hang of riding the efoil better and better? I am targeting of getting on but the right wing, not 3 wings for 3 different Scenarios…
Is there a big difference between these two rearwings?
Looking farward to read your suggestions…thanks in advance and
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The W683S/S483 wingset seems to be a nice kitefoil set for speed and stability according to per Moses 683 top speed, what style and conditions. - (22 knots with a kite = 40kmph). Just make sure your mast is hollow for 3 8AWG wires + possible water pipe.
Don’t know the W450 though.

For early lift, and foiling at 8-15mph speeds, I like the the AXIS 1020 front, with the short fuselage, and the 400 rear wing.
The most efficient wing we have found so far is the AXIS 1010 front (high aspect, with a nice foil section that lifts early and has tons of range), with the ultrashort fuselage (makes turning loose and fun), and the 460 flat high aspect rear wing. Low consumption and tons of fun for side to side turning.
We also rode a few times the 900 front wing (also AXIS), and while it took a bit of power to get up on a lift, it rode the fastest across the 3 wings above.
I have 2 fuselage setups that I alternate between my SUP foil and the efoil.

  • the 920 front, short fuselage, 370 rear wing (great for mushy waves on the SUP, and fun to ride for everyone on the efoil)
  • the 1010 front wing, with a custom super ultrashort fuselage and the 460 rear wing. Ideal for efoil, for faster turns side to side.

I’m using the slingshot infinity 76 wing. I love it. Foils at 7mph, and I’ve hit 22mph at 70% throttle. Only ridden the build a few times. Still tuning and learning.

Board is 80lbs. Rider 155lbs. Total about 235lbs


This is a little out there but what do people think of using a pair of [SUP Fins] for a rear wing?

It will depend on what is the airfoil section of your front wing.
A surf fin has a symmetrical profile and no curve, therefore becomes neutral (provides no lift) at zero degrees.
Long story short, it would work if your front wing has a symmetrical profile too (NACA 0010). So shifting you CG (your hips) back and forth would ensure you give 1 to 4 degrees Angle of Attack (AoA) to create the lift needed by the plane to fly. But it will be unpleasant with some porpoising (dolphin effect). So it won’t be a long term solution.
Board top and fuselage are usually set parallel. It would be better if you could permanently adjust the AoA of both wings to +3 degrees (leading edge pointing up) with respect to board top which you cannot do with your current fuselage. You would be in a tandem setup.
What you could do is mount your mast at 85-87 degrees instead of 90 degrees so that both your wings are at a 3-5 degree angle wr to your board top.

The mainstream / standard and easy case is using a self stabilizing plane with two identical non symmetrical sections should they be flat (NT-10, Aquila, Clark Y) or a bit curved like H105 or E817 that @visor360 is experimenting with his 3d printed molds. Curved sections are efficient (small surfaces, high lift, low drag) but can provide lift peaks when speed builds up if the rider doesn’t know how to maintain the board flat while riding so should be reserved to more experienced riders.

The no brainer plane:
Front wing non symmetrical : zero AoA normal position but still providing positive lift
Rear wing non symmetrical flipped with 2- to -5 deg AoA (so -2 to -5° providing negative lift)

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Will work. You just have to find the correct negativ angle. The „nose“ of the fine must be more down then the sharp rear.