Reccomendations for 48volt 40AH Motor and Speed Controller for Kayak

I am looking for recommendations for a motor and speed controller for my kayak. I would like to get my kayak to go over 10mph. My old motor or speed controller died and would like a quality set I can rely on.

-48 volt system (Lifepo4) 2 packs 20AH packs in parallel.
-RPM’s at least 5,000, preferably 10,000
-Waterproof (motor will not be submerged, will be around saltwater though).
-Can push about 300lbs or more(total weight) continuously without overheating.
-Able to be shipped in U.S.

I can provide more information if it helps.
I don’t know where else to look and ask.
Thank you!

I would like to note that I would prefer the speed controller not to be water cooled if possible.

I appreciate the attempt to help, but I have done exactly that and have had a hard time finding good results before your posting. I have read a lot and learned a lot, but I am still having trouble finding things that would be fine, especially that are not water cooled.

Anyone have any suggestions? I am still looking for ideas. Willing to change some configuration if needed.

What your budget?
I don’t understand why you need waterproofed motor if it will be out of water

My budget is around 500 or so, willing to pay more if it is worth it, but not looking over 1000 for sure.
I want the motor waterproofed because of rain, saltwater, etc. My last motor really didn’t get wet other than rain, but having it waterproof would give peace of mind, and also give me more options if I need to change my design.