Receiver wires extention

Hi all,

I want to move my remote receiver away from the vesc, about 60cm.
Will there be any problems from extending the wires (pwm, rx, tx), adding 60cm?


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Nope, as long as you are extending 5v and gnd as well


what do you think is the best way to extend the receiver? the receiver itself, or the antenna?

If I had to pick, probably slightly better to extend the receiver, there is some losses in coax if you extend the antenna.

That said I extended my antenna because it was easier in my case.

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Thanks Bryce. It is still not clear how much the wire has to be exposed and what kind of wire works best for an antenna. I will be using the Flipsky 3 for now.

I used a long ufl to sma connector - similiar to this but longer)

Then got long RG316 SMA cable, like this:

Cut that in half or whatever length you need. Then trim the shield off to so the middle is exposed to about 31mm: Fixing 2.4GHz Radio Receiver Antenna - Oscar Liang (Although I recommend thicker wire then that) Plastic in the middle can still stay over the antenna, just the shield needs to be cut back.

Also I need the additional ufl to SMA connector because my ESC/receiver is in a box under the board that I can separate from the board, I keep the antenna taped up in the box.


Thanks @brycej good info. That’s what I am trying to do, put the vesc in a box on the mast, but take the receiver to the main compartment to save some space. I will also extend the antenna to the front of the board.

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Extended the serial uart connection from my aluminium VESC Box above the mast to the inside of my Battery Box. Cable is detachable with a waterproof 5 pin LED connector. Works well for quite some time. module and receiver are placed inside the battery Box.

VESC uart and ppm are connected through the black cables in the front.
Setup is for an inflatable.


Bryce and Sat_be thank you