Recommended gauge and connectors

Hi all,

My F5085 motor (30A continuous, up to 12S) and FSESC 50A arrived, so I’m finally starting to dig into VESC and getting the electronics part working (planning to use 6S), before moving on to mechanical. I’ve done this before on an RC boat project, but this is scaled up a bit. My first question is what wire gauge to use. This should be simple enough (pick gauge based on peak current), but after doing more research, I’m more confused.

  1. Most builds on this forum seem to be using very high current (150A continuous) and high voltage (12S+) and using AWG8 wire. This is surprising given this chart, which suggests 73A max for chassis wiring (apparently meaning that it’s a single wire, not in a bundle).

  2. The VESC came with AWG12 wire, which is rated for 41A, which is also confusing given that it’s rated at 50A continuous. I have basically no idea what I’m doing here, so was hoping someone would set me straight.

Second follow up question is about connectors. I’d like to be able to attach/detach the battery to avoid drain. I also want to attach/detach the motor to make assembly easier. For previous project I used a Deans connector, but that was substantially less beefy equipment. Is it safe to continue using this Deans connectors, and any waterproofing issues?

Okay, last question I promise: is it safe to use regular solder for the current/voltage I’m looking at? Seems like most people go for crimping, but I haven’t got any kits to do this sort of thing. Thoughts?


8mm Connectors
10AWG wire ist enough.
But the Outrunner, I find, it’s small…
Greetings Frank

Thanks Frank, but a bit more detail would be appreciated. Is 12AWG enough too?

The outrunner is small, but this is for a powered SUP (hoping to plane), not for an eFoil.

Most if not all the questions you ask are widely answered in all the existing threads. Take some time to read carefully everything. Look how the others have done their build. Learn to avoid the common mistakes first :call_me_hand: there is way too much to answer here, starting by this motor which does not seems appropriate. Lots of try and fail with different motors here.

That you need it for a SUP. Didn’t come out of your question.
Then 12AWG and 4s Lipo are enough
Greetings Frank

are you going to use a prop or a jet to power your sup?

@Kian, I’m going to use a prop. Will definitely need to do some custom 3D printing there, as the outrunner doesn’t seem to have a shaft on it.

Nice. I’ve just finished building a jet board (converted a 9 foot longboard) with twin jets.
Getting it to plane is no problem :slight_smile: