Recommended phase wire?

What phase wire should I be using?
I see that AWG12 (4mm2) is commonly used on this forum - I mistakenly bought some single core but really need 3 core.

There seems to be a huge variation in price:

What’s the difference between these - will the local cheap one be ok?

Recommended for efoil 8 or 10Awg
Foil drives seem to get away with 12Awg but with added losses and heating. The lower use time makes it work anyway so there’s a grey zone how hard and long you can push it.

The cheap alternative you linked seems to have good specs, but is only rated up to 90 deg C. I’d instead go for a three core silicon wire in at least 12Awg for a foil drive, the temp rating is then about 200deg C

The aliexpress wire just seems overpriced, don’t bother…

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Great thanks for the info.

Judging by the cable size, Foil Drive uses 2.5 mm2 wires. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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Is that (2.5mm2 wire) enough for the load (for foil assist - not efoil) ? Do you think FD limit the amperage with the ESC/VESC?

I just bought some 3-core 4mm flex… wow it is huge - just under 12mm diameter… that’ll cause a bit of drag. Certainly would prefer thinner. I guess I could use my original single core 4mm and run them flat up the mast training edge with a 3D printed conduit.

Be interested to here from anyone who is using 2.5mm phase wire.

Thanks again

Might be different how often people switch from foildrive to pure foiling on the same board, but i would get a separate foildrive mast setup and route the wires inside the mast. The options for outside cable routing seem suboptimal and cumbersome.

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I have used different cables and I can say that the 2.5mm heats up quite a lot, and if you connect the cable not directly to the ESC, but using quick connectors, it can lead to them desoldering.